Something About me

My name is Pietro and I’m a freelance music composer and media artist.

I have studied “Music Composition and Technologies for Film and Games” at the University of Hertfordshire, England; and “Electronic Music and Media Arts at the University Of Pecs”, Hungary .

In my creative process I give vital importance in designing a unique palette for each project. I believe experimentation plays a crucial role in every work of art, therefore I like to present multiple alternatives to the same situation in order to find an adequate solution.

I’m currently involved in the music production for short movies, documentaries, and games. I have been producing electronic music under the name of Swun, released with Myrdal Netlabel ( More recently I have decided to close this project since it was not in line with my current views.

At the moment I am exploring ambient and techno oriented music. I’m also working on a set of Softwares coded in Max7 which explore generative music algorithms. You can find my latest interactive projects in the download section.

How do I work?

My creative process in pills
  • Planning

    I will first provide you with a detailed plan containing an initial idea of the instrumentation, all the influences I would like to bring on board and the approximate cost and time required to complete the task.

  • Designing

    If the initial plan is confirmed I will get to work and depending on the size of the project I will deliver a fast and cohesive soundtrack. Approximately 2-5 days for short tasks and 1-3 weeks for bigger projects.

  • Testing and Delivering

    I will provide you with a first draft not later than 10 hours, if we are working on a short project, and not later than 3 days for bigger projects. If the demo will result in line with your ideas than I will work hard to deliver a professional and original soundtrack.